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Just really loved the whole class! It can be intimidating to figure out where to start with a new craft on your own, so having a friendly guide to talk to and learn some basics from was wonderful. I’m inspired to learn more on my own now.

Student, Introduction To Embroidery

Extremely kind, knowledgeable instructor—accommodating for individuals with all skills and abilities. A very comfortable setup, with adequate lighting, tools, and the coffee was a bonus! I appreciate the sense of community.

Student, Handbuilding Clay

The whole experience was great, from the music in the background, to the instructor leading the class.

Student, Introduction to Sketching

It was my first class at the art centre and the instructor made the whole experience a delight. They were knowledgeable and their instruction was clear and instilled confidence. I’m looking forward to exploring more classes.

Student, Stained Glass Taster

The instructor was really good. I learned stained glass from a pro, but the instructor taught me new tricks that I didn’t know, so I really liked that. Plus she was very patient with those of us that had never done any kind of mosaic work.

Student, Beginner Glass Mosaic

The facility is fabulous—lots of room to work and move around—washrooms are handy. I loved being able to have a coffee and a snack !! The class was educational and fun!!

Student, Basket Weaving

I have had very little experience with printmaking and this was an easy approach with very good results. The reveal of the print was thrilling each time.

Student, Fun With Collagraphs

My favourite part was using the different spinning wheels and learning their history as well as their usage.

Student, Spinning Boot Camp

We came to the class as a group of four and all of us had a marvellous time. The space was lovely, our instructor was fabulous, and we all left feeling very satisfied with our projects and our new set of skills.

Student, Introducation to Stained Glass

The entire experience was amazing—one of the best classes I have taken at GB Arts!

Student, Basket Weaving

My favourite part was spending quality time with my daughter. The instructor was a wonderful (patient, supportive, and gave lots of positive reinforcement).

Student, Silver Monstera Leaf Pendant

The instructor was very organized and took time with each of us and gave excellent input on our work.

Student, Cold Wax & Oil

The whole session was very informative and engaging. The instructor was extremely approachable and offered many opportunities for Q and A.

Student, iPhone Photography

My favourite part was learning a new craft in a beautiful and supportive environment while sipping a perfect americano.

Student, Punch Needle

The teacher was very organized and kept the class moving through stages of making the ring very efficiently… I would like to take more classes from her.

Student, Silver Spinner Ring

Gaining new knowledge and a new skill from a well-informed instructor. The instructor was a fountain of knowledge and made it relaxing and enjoyable!

Student, Whittling - Spoon

I enjoyed being at the centre and meeting new people. It is a wonderful facility.

Student, Reversible Smock

My favourite part was learning a new medium to work in, and the instructor was excellent, fun and easy to understand, made everyone comfortable, and was encouraging.

Student, Etched Copper Cuff

My favourite part was the openness of the experience and the friendliness of the instructor. It was comforting to be able to complete the project without prior experience necessary.

Student, Clay Ornament

Warm, friendly knowledgeable, and enthusiastic teacher.

Student, Introduction to Embroidery

My favourite part was having a space, with an instructor, to do art with my kid. And more than just a craft kit that they could do at home!

Parent, Bring Your Kid to Art - Clay Christmas Tree or Sailboat

Felt welcomed and included by the instructor and other students. It was very fun!

Student, Kokedama

It was just an overall fun experience. All the plant vendors made the space lovely. Getting my hands dirty in the class was fun. Seeing so many people out having fun was great. Instructor was pleasant and fun.

Student, Kokedama

I loved how organized the session was and the easy-to-understand the instructions. It was also great to meet new people and then come home with the planter.

Student, Concrete Planter

Amazed at the whole surrounding atmosphere. Loved seeing all the makers enjoying themselves learning. Truly an amazing space to be in.

Student, Cross Body Leather Bag

We dyed wool using avocados and onion skins! The class was a blast and I learned so much. Now, I have two lovely skeins of naturally dyed wool to knit with. It was quite wonderful.

Student, Introduction to Plant Dyeing on Wool

Instructor was great; informative, friendly, and fun. Perfect size class, 5 people. The instructor had time to assist each student, when needed. Was a productive, but relaxed class.. Enjoyable!

Student, Introducation to Stained Glass

Learned a new skill in a nurturing environment… Helpful hints given that can apply to other sewing projects. So enjoyable, lots of laughs too!

Student, Rouleau Basket

There was SO much information to learn, but the teacher was fantastic in making sure nobody got lost and the class was timed out wonderfully.

Student, Bookbinding - Sewn Board Binding

The instructor sat with each person individually if needed and was very helpful, ensuring each person learned how to use the serger they brought.

Student, Get to Know Your Serger

It was so amazing not only to learn a new skill but to learn about the history and process behind it!

Student, Birch Bark & Porcupine Quill Ornament

Instructor was very informative and engaging, and very responsive to questions. They provided lots of information (including recommendations of resource materials) and combined info with a hands-on experience… Many thanks!

Student, Introduction to Plant Dyeing on Wool

My favourite part of the experience was connecting with others at the centre about First Nations crafts.

Student, Birch Bark & Porcupine Quill Ornament

The instructor was so knowledgeable, positive, and supportive. It was nice to come away with something I was happy with.

Student, Relief Printmaking - Intro to Linocut

I really enjoyed learning to work with the clay on the wheel. It was challenging and frustrating but fun and very satisfying when I was able to produce several pieces of pottery that I will use!

Student, Pottery Wheel Taster

Loved my instructor and classmates. A very relaxed and creative atmosphere.

Student, Intro to Drypoint

I am grateful for The Georgian Bay Centre for the Arts to provide this experience and will share with others.

Student, Introduction to Jewellery

My daughter had a blast this week! She learned a lot of nice new techniques from the very capable and talented instructors. She’s looking forward to seeing the final pieces of pottery from out of the kiln. She especially loved the spinning/turning of the clay.

Parent, Kids Summer Camp – Clay Mornings