KIDS Craft Kit


Make something beautiful and feed your creative need in the safety and comfort of your own home or cottage.

Let your kids enjoy some art and craft in the comfort and safety of their own homes! Our Craft Kits are stuffed with five different crafts for five different days. All materials are included, including detailed instructions. Once you have ordered your kit, GB Arts will contact you by email with a time to pick up your kit.

WATERCOLOUR – Using stickers to mask out shapes, add your own personal style to this satisfying watercolour project. Subject matter may vary.

GLASS MOSAIC – Jigsaw chips of coloured glass into a bright and bold framed sugar skull.

WOVEN PAPER – Create a woven paper turtle with colourful Japanese paper strips.

FISH WIND SOCK – Always know what direction the wind is blowing with a colourful paper windsock.

MONSTER STUFFIE – Use fabric, buttons, and an assortment of bits and bobs to sew together a friendly monster.

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