Patti Waterfield

Patti Waterfield

Visual Artist

Patti Waterfield is both self taught artist and a graduate from both the Ontario College of Art and Design and The Central Technical School of Art in Toronto. She paints in oils, acrylics, encaustic and watercolour mediums. Most of her work, until recently were landscapes and still life in oil. Patti has now shifted her focus to abstract watercolours and illustrative drawings for her personal work. The illustrative work is a way to express her stories and interests in an accessible format for everyone to relate to. She would describe herself as a colourist.

Patti is a firm believer in the meditative and healing qualities of making art, and has always felt that art, no matter which medium, should be an integral part of everyone’s lives.

Patti has been living in Owen Sound since 2012 and worked out of her studio in the historic Old Courthouse of Owen Sound. Her current Studio is in the Old Slater Building, which has historic ties to the Circle Bar Factory that made socks and women’s hosiery and was also one of the original Pacific Hotels.